Nick Theyer

Name Nick Theyer
Gender Male
Spouse(s) Emily
Family Violet Theyer (daughter)

Freddie Theyer (son)

Portrayed By Zach Cregger


Nick Theyer is a commercial director in New York City who is married to Emily, and is father to Violet and Freddie. He is friends with Gary and Chris.


Emily Edit

Emily is Nick's wife.

Violet Edit

Violet is Nick's first child and only daughter.

Freddie Edit

Freddie is Nick's second child and only boy.

Chris Edit

Chris is Nick's best friend.

Gary Edit

Nick's other best friend. He and Nick met in the hospital after Emily gave birth to Violet.

Marny Edit

Also one of Nick's best friends. Nick and Marny also met after she and Emily gave birth.

Sheila Edit

She and Nick often pick on each other and call one another names.